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Experience the aerosol wizardry...

...and ethereal swordplay of this abstract and wild style graffiti master. Transforming and transmuting his many styles, Snow is a fantasy explorer navigating us through the gritty convergence and electrifying culmination of forms.

Elevate Your Environment, Enhance Your Space

4+ Decades of Experience

Snow began his journey as an artist in 1978. Over that span of time, he has cultivated a massive body of work and experiences.

1000+ Murals

From the streets to indoor installations, Snow has designed and executed many murals that have made a profound impact on the graffiti and mural culture.

Award Winning Set Designs

During his tenure (1995-2000) at McFarlane Toys as a lead designer, he created award winning set designs in the McFarlane Toy Showroom.

Featured in 120+ Media, Books, and Publications

From Time Magazine to cultural periodicals, his work has been featured in a broad range of media.

100+ Shows, Events, & Exhibitions

Snow has shown his work both in solo and group settings, often side by side with some of the culture's top talent.

10,000+ Fine Art + Illustrations


Mural are our specialty! With over 30 years of professional experience and thousands of murals executed, Snow is the premier choice for any mural project.


Fine Art & Illustrations

We offer canvases, drawings, and design works of varying sizes. Snow is versed in multimedia design and illustration with 10,000+ completed works since 1978!


Set & Prop Design

Honing his set and prop design skills with both McFarlane Toys and many hip hop icons, Snow expands his creative repository as a veteran craftsman in this field.


New Jersey veteran street scribe Carmelo "Snow" Sigona began his artistic journey as a student and creator of graffiti in 1978. For four decades, Snow has been recognized and revered for his wildstyle execution on concrete walls around the world.

About the Artist

Our Process

Book a Consultation

free consultation will be set up between you and Snow, where the details, wants, and logistics of your space will be discussed to determine the optimal creative approach. This consultation may be scheduled through our contact form or by booking an appointment online.

Project Analysis & Budget Estimate

Snow will examine the details of the project and come up with a budget estimate. Two to three options will be provided with a range of detail and design. Occasionally, onsite evaluations are necessary prior to estimations.

Concepts Presented

For mural projects, concept drawings are a part of the process to ensure satisfaction. After a fee is submitted, Snow will create a concept design(s) for your approval. Up to two revisions are included in the original fee.

Project Execution

Your project is ready to be completed! This is the culmination of our agreed upon terms and design for your project. Project execution includes installation.

Contact for Questions & Inquiries